Wherever life takes you, the Freedom® RXV® and TXT® vehicles give you the comfort and flexibility to relish the journey as much as the destination. In 2017, E-Z-GO® delivered the ELiTE™ Lithium Series vehicles that feature zero maintenance batteries, an unlimited amp-hour warranty and unmatched efficiency. Choose from our Freedom® Series for dependable performance, innovation and a host of accessories to fully personalize your vehicle.

Freedom RXV

  • Put a Premium on Comfort.
  • $7,299 (Gas)
    $7,399 (Electric)
    $8,999 (Lithium)*
  • *60 amp/hour model

Freedom RXV 2+2

  • Go Wherever the Day
    Takes You.
  • $8,363 (Gas)
    $8,567 (Electric)
    $9,999 (Lithium)*
  • *60 amp/hour model

Freedom TXT

  • Leave Your Worries Behind.
  • $6,299 (Gas)
    $6,399 (Electric)
    $8,299 (Lithium)*
  • *60 amp/hour model

Freedom TXT 2+2

  • Freedom to Go.
  • $8,057 (Gas)
    $8,159 (Electric)
    $9,299 (Lithium)*
  • *60 amp/hour model

Freedom TXT 72-Volt

  • Enhanced Power and Convenience.
  • $8,999 (Electric)

ELiTE Lithium

  • A New Element of Innovation.

Express Series

Ready. Set. Go. Buzzing around the neighborhood or venturing down a trail less traveled, an E-Z-GO Express™ will carry the load in comfort and in style. With higher ground clearance, rugged tires and seating for up to six passengers, these vehicles were designed to fit your family’s desire to get out and go.

Express S4

  • Enough Thrills to Go Around.
  • $8,499 (Gas)
    $7,999 (Electric)
    $8,599 (High Output)

Express S6

  • Explore a New Path.
  • $10,799 (Gas)
    $11,499 (Electric)

Express L6

  • Let the Good Times Grow.
  • $10,799 (Gas)
    $11,499 (Electric)


Life is a journey. So make the experience more fulfilling with the E-Z-GO® 2Five®. Balancing safety, convenience and responsibility, our low speed vehicle (LSV) commands the attention of passers-by. With enough storage capacity to hold bags, groceries, and the occasional science project, the 2Five gives you just another reason to adopt a greener way of life. Take a seat behind the wheel and go on-roading in an E-Z-GO 2Five.


  • A New Spin on the Family Sedan.
  • $9,699 (Electric)